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Get To Know Me

Get To Know Me

Hey Everyone! My name is Benjamin or Ben for short and i'm a 26 year old Sydney sider.

I would like to personally welcome you all to my blog (BennyMa) where i'm planning to journal my experiences, lessons learnt, self-development journey and hopefully provide some sort of value to anyone who reads it, even if its just one person.

I am a completely new to all this, so if there's anything that you would like to hear from me or provide me with any feedback, I would greatly appreciate it.


I'm currently working full-time as a Senior Consultant at IBM and am also a founder of my own tuition company BM Tutoring (tutoringbm.com) for over 8 years.

I'm also an aspiring entrepreneur who's always on the lookout to connect with like-minded individuals and create a positive impact to the world. I'm working on creating something special in the next few years which will hopefully change the way we learn online.


Well it all started from always wanting to start my own Youtube channel for as long as I remember but I never had the guts to just put myself out there. This was all until I stumbled upon this video by Ali Abdaal

He talks about how he too was also an introvert and had struggled for the past 3-5 years to get started due to the fear of his friends thinking differently about him, how his family would react or even his colleagues. But after realising that no one really cares and in general, most people are quite self-centred, he decided to take the leap of faith and start his own blog (https://aliabdaal.com/) and Youtube channel.

In this video he recommends this amazing book called "Show Your Work" By Austin Kleon (Check it out if you guys are interested: Show Your Work!: 10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered) which is a book for people who hate the idea of self-promotion. Austin talks about the steps you can take to slowly get yourself out there whilst building an audience and community of followers.

I was extremely inspired by this book which lead me to start writing online through blogging as a way to slowly get myself use to sharing my thoughts online before eventually starting my own Youtube channel. I'll be honest, I'm nervous and scared of what others might think but also excited at the same time as I hope to be able to look back in a few years time and be able to see what I have achieved (if anything haha).

I want to keep this short and sweet so I'll cover the purpose and the "why" behind starting my own tuition company in a later post. If it's something that you're interested in, please feel free to subscribe to my website to get updates on my latest posts or just to follow along on my journey on self development.

I wanted to make my blogs unique and since I'm a big fan of life quotes I wanted to make it a commitment to myself to provide a "Quote of the Blog" which I'll refer to as QOTB from now on.


"Where you are a year from now is a reflection of the choices you choose to make right now"
By Christopher Ferry