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From Homeless To HomeFree. GiveTree, Australia's FIRST NFT Social Impact Marketplace

From Homeless To HomeFree. GiveTree, Australia's FIRST NFT Social Impact Marketplace

As blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs become more embedded in our everyday lives, it is important to understand how it works and the potential opportunities that it can provide. Especially with the introduction of the "Metaverse" where you'll be able to create a whole new life in this fictional universe.

I was fortunate enough to speak with Sam Joel who was once homeless and was fortunate enough to have the support of charities to help him find his footing in this world. Fast forward three years later and he's now the Founder of GiveTree, which is Australia's FIRST ever NFT social impact NFT marketplace dedicated on helping charities to find their way into the metaverse with NFTs. His goal is to give back to the charities who were there for him at the time but through unconventional ways of earning money.

As someone who is new to the concept of the Metaverse, Sam gives an amazing analogy to explain it in simple terms. You can almost think of a metaverse world as an individual Youtube channel. Youtube is the platform for which anyone can create their own channel and earn a living from it. Now instead of Youtube being the platform it is now using Blockchain as the platform where the millions of Youtube channels are individual metaverse worlds. So there isn't going to be a single virtual world, there will be millions which you will be able to interact with and enjoy.

I genuinely believe that what Sam is trying to achieve is going to change the way we will give back to society. Being able to earn a living from donating or selling NFTs is going to be applicable to any industry or business. Not only that, he has also kindly offered to help me with achieving my goals too, so watch this space as we're working on something exciting in the background.

For those that are interested in joining Sam's journey, they are doing a Birchal crowdfunding campaign in February/March 2022 and will be giving away some very special NFTs to everyone who invests and becomes a shareholder. To get the latest updates, make sure to subscribe to the blog where there will be new content coming out each week.


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By Sam Joel