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How YOU Can Live Your Best Life

How YOU Can Live Your Best Life

Do you truly understand what your purpose in life is? Do you question what you're doing with your life? I'll tell you what, it is definitely not working until you die. Most of us are chained by these invisible shackles and life scripts which is this concept that we are to believe that life is set and there are a series of steps that we should be following. It goes something like this:

  1. We go to school and University/TAFE to become educated
  2. We graduate and find a job
  3. We have a family
  4. We work to pay our mortgages and expenses
  5. We retire and spend the rest of our lives wondering where our time went

Doesn't it sound sad and boring? There is a quote that I love which I believe thatwe should all live by:

I don't live to work; I work to live
By Noel Gallagher

The majority of our waking time is spent at work, trying to make money and to have things to impress inauthentic people. We all spend approximately 80,000 hours in our career which is only just a part of your life. Imagine spending that many hours on something that you aren't passionate about or just aren't satisfied with. This was something that Harry Goldberg realised after attending a Tony Robbins event and he wanted to make a change.

Harry used to be a high net worth advisor and was actually in fact the youngest high net worth advisor at that time. He always knew that he wanted to be in that space but just didn't know how to get there. So he decided to call up over 80 different companies to see if he could get into the industry as that would be his way to getting his foot through the door. He was fortunate enough to get in and after a few years, was able to reach his dream job. But this all changed after attending the event which created this fundamental shift in his mentality.

You live, and then you die. So what's the point?

He knew that if he was to continue down the path that he was on, he'd have nicer physical things down the road like a nicer car, a nicer house, etc. But realised that wasn't actually his top priority. He really believed that "life's short, so make the most if it". So what did he do? He took that belief and really actioned it. He decided to quit his job and become an Empowerment Coach & Financial Adviser forming a company with his business partner called Purpose Advisory.

After speaking with Harry, I could really sense his desire to inspire and empower people to take control of their life. He really dives deep to try and understand the root causes of our emotions and decisions. Thing that may seem obvious to us at that time but really isn't. He has already coached and empowered numerous individuals who are willing to make a change and is on a journey to educate, clarify and help people make the right decision from the right frame of mind.

If you're someone who is ready or even interested in changing your life to live the best life possible, then you should definitely check out what Harry has to offer. A simple conversation could ultimately change your life for the better. He is also releasing a podcast soon so if you're interested then make sure to subscribe to the blog so that you can get weekly updates.        


Do it religiously, don't think about running on the treadmill and what you'll do with it. Just put on your sneakers and do it, but you need to do it consistently.
By Harry Goldberg